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    Please help me...
    Should I say

    Today is a beatiful day or today it is a beautiful day?


    A person is having a shower and someone knocks at the door; two other people are in and the person in the bathroom invites them to open the door; what would this person say?

    Who goes and opens the door? or

    Who will open the door?

    Who is going to open the door?

    Thanks Ripley

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    Re: Help!

    It's a beautiful day.

    Could someone please see who is at the door?

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Help!

    Hello Ripley

    1. Today is a beautiful day.
    2. Today it is a beautiful day.

    Both are fine. Perhaps #1 has more of a sense of "today-ness".

    In your shower scenario, these are some possibilities:

    3. Could someone open the door, please?
    4. Who is going to open the door? [This might seem a little impatient.]
    5. Will someone open the door? [This might seem a little brusque.]

    Other members may have other suggestions.

    (Personally, I don't like people to enter the house while I'm having a shower, mainly because the lock on the bathroom door is broken. So I probably wouldn't say anything.)



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