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Thread: myth/legend

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    What exactly is the difference between myth and legend, or is there any? I consulted the dictionary, but came away with no clear idea. Give examples please. Thank you.

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    Re: myth/legend

    noun 1 a traditional story concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, typically involving the supernatural. 2 a widely held but false belief. 3 a fictitious person or thing.
    — ORIGIN Greek muthos.

    noun 1 a traditional story popularly regarded as historical but which is not authenticated. 2 an extremely famous or notorious person: a screen legend. 3 an inscription, caption, or key.
    adjective very well known.
    — ORIGIN from Latin legenda ‘things to be read’, from legere ‘read’.

    Myth has a deeper metaphysical sense than Legend. Myths usually involve the activities of deities; legends need have nothing to do with them.

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    Re: myth/legend

    That really clears it up. Thanks.


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