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    fool you from doing something...


    I've come across a particular usage of 'fool' as illustrated in the following sentences.

    It appears that 'fool you from doing something' means 'deceive you and stop you from doing something'. Is it a correct assumption and is this usage common? I've not been able to locate any referrence to it in my dictioaries, at least 4 of them.

    Apples security is any better than MS? Really? You should check your facts. Apple releases more and more serious security fixes than Microsoft and Linux combined. And they try to fool you from knowing it by combining dozens of patches in a single fix.

    Don't let the childlike designs and characters fool you from seeing this gem of a well written, throughout and thought provoking movie. While the title may seem like the usual "Kiddie" movie of today's young children, Holly Hobbie and Friends is anything but a toddler's eye view of the world.

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    Re: fool you from doing something...

    The second example reads just about ok; the first one seems awkward to me - looks like something from a forum!

    However, your interpretation is correct, and no, it isn't particularly common usage. "fool you from" is not good English -

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