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    A slight man with thin fair hair and shoulders rounded by his trade, he stood by the kitchen table, bending over the sketch pad to make quick, swirling lines while mother sat nearby, mending.

    Please give me the meaning of the highlighted words in this sentence.

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    Re: trade

    Slight man - Slim man
    Fair - Blond/light
    Trade - Occupation
    Stood by the kitchen table. - Stood beside the kitchen table.
    Swirling lines - Drawing spirals (Not sure. Maybe someone else could define it more exactly.)
    Mending - Repairing (sth)

    Hope that helps.

    All the best


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    Re: trade

    Swirling lines = swirl

    verb to move in a twisting or spiralling pattern.

    so swirling lines can be spirals, but they are also lines that curve and twist across the page.

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