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    Translation needed: "Projekte im öffentlichen Raum"

    Hi everyone,
    does anyone know if there is a proper English term for "(Kunst)-Projekte im öffentlichen Raum" ? Context: Profile of an Arts Gallery
    I was thinking of "public space projects". But my English colleague suggested "public property projects" instead. Both sounds weird though.
    Full sentence:
    At the core of the issue lie the practice and exploration of artistic and cultural production. Various branches of production and exhibitions are developed, ***public property projects*** are designed and all kinds of events take place in and for our gallery outpost.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Re: Translation needed: "Projekte im öffentlichen Raum"

    I like yours. A hyphen would help, public-space projects.

    What about a direct translation, Art projects in the/a public area?

    Check out this free translator: AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation

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