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    Working from bare bones

    Hello all!

    Brand new to the forum, and hoping it turns out to be the rich resource it seems to be!

    I haven't even begun to exhaust all the different threads available here, but just wanted to introduce myself and my situation in the hopes that I will be inundated with your sage-like advice!

    I recived very basic volunteer EFL teacher training through the United Way in 2001. Subsequently, I worked in Tokyo teaching EFL for about a year. The Japanese school I worked for pretty much spoon-fed me the curriculum/lesson plans, so although I didn't have much training, I found the experience rewarding, and felt pretty competent in the role.

    Here's where it gets sticky.

    In less than a month I fly to South Africa to volunteer in a very rural village. Among other things, I'm hoping to make the most of my experience in EFL in the small school and with anyone else who is intrested in learning English. However, as I already mentioned, I've never cultivated my own curriculum before, and have no resources of my own. I've written the United Way, to see if they can help, but am not holding my breath for them to come through.

    I've seen already that there 's quite a bit of downloadable info out there, which is awesome. However, the village where I'll be has no electricity, let alone capabilities to download resources. Though I can make the journey into larger neighboring cities now and then, because of my own limited personal funds (!), I'd like to take as much with me as possible from the outset. But so much info out there... where to begin?

    So! Any advice/suggestions from folks who may have had similar experiences? Please keep in mind in your suggestions how very limited our resources will be out there. I mean, we do have pencils and paper, but not all that much, if you see what I mean :)

    Look forward to hearing from you all!


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    Re: Working from bare bones

    Steph, yes I've been in such a position, and yes I can help -- and I see many viwings but no replies. I spent 40 minutes writing you a text . . . and lost it!! What I am doing wrong? Can you contact me in this arena?

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