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    TESOL/TEFL working conditions...

    Hi all. I just joined TESOL (the organization) and they sent me a welcome package and a membership card, etc. Well, I was reading an article in one of the magazines that was enclosed and the author was talking about working conditions (particularly in the US). It sounded rather sad! She was focusing on the working conditions of those teaching English to adults at universities (which is my interest) and it turns out that many of these teachers do not have any health benefits, are paid VERY low, so low that they have to work at numerous institutions to make ends meet, have to find their own substitutes if they are sick, and so on....

    I know that ESL teachers don't make a lot of money, but the fact that their working conditions are so poor and they don't have any benefits seems a bit unsettling. Since they are not considered "full time" they don't have the same advantages as full time employees at universities do.

    I'm wondering, does anyone here know of institutions that offer more benefits to their ESL teachers? Perhaps places where one can at elast find a full-time position? Would you say that one could live better abroad as an ESL teacher than in the US as an ESL teacher as far as making ends meet and having proper healthcare? Thanks....

    ETA: I have been looking at ESL positions in the corporate setting and it seems that these positions are offering more pay and benefits....I'm wondering are corporate positions hard to come by? I actually do want to be qualified for teachign business English.
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    I guess seeing you've done some research and you know what the situation is, you can use that information and combine it with negotiation skills when starting out on your English teaching career. Just because there may be standard remuneration schemes, doesn't mean you can't negotiate better benefits and pay into your package if you've got the expertise and confidence! Well, that's my thought...

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    Re: TESOL/TEFL working conditions...

    In the UK, university positions tend to be better than in private language schools, so I was surprised to read what you said. Corprate work can pay well, though competition is stiff and positions can be hard to come by, though often, once you get one job, others will follow.

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    Re: TESOL/TEFL working conditions...

    Its not any better in Canada. I decided to bail and headed to Japan and just spent 2 years teaching ESL to children ages 3-5. What a difference. I have more control of what I teach them and how I teach it. All supplies are paid for by the company not out of your own pocket. Hours are about the same but pay is much better, easier to save and the biggest benefit is living in a foreign country.

    The children are so eager to learn and a real pleasure to deal with. I decided to switch from the classroom to online ESL and started my own company. I wished to open up to a bigger market and allows me to live anywhere in the world. I started a second company to help teachers that wish to try teaching in Japan . Resumes are much different there and they are picky on how a resume looks. I create cover letters and put the teachers resume information in order, so all is presentable to the Japanese employer. Provide job searches for particular job requirements, areas, pay, housing etc. Also help teachers prepare for the culture shock that is Japan. It hits every foreigner, and how you handle it will make/break your experience in Japan.

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    Re: TESOL/TEFL working conditions...

    How's your online ESL going? How did you start that up?

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    Re: TESOL/TEFL working conditions...

    Just like finding private students it takes time. My friend is a graphic artist and created my webpage. Its still a fairly new business but growing in the right direction.

    Putting the text and design of the page together isnt as easy as I thought it would be. Once that was done I found a web host, I dug in and started promoting online anywhere I could. I have a Uni and community college near by and put the ad on the notice board, in the Uni newspaper etc. Preety much promoting all over the world.

    Will just keep plugging away as it pays off in the end.

    Im still working on the second company webpage. That advertising will be aimed at teachers that want to give Japanese classrooms a try.
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