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    rail in boardside

    Rex was as powerful as a wrestler, and there were not many things that he couldn't manage somehow to get hold of with his great jaws and lift or drag to wherever he wanted to put then, or wherever we wanted them put. He would catch the rail at the balance and lift it clear of the ground and trot with great confidence towards the gate. Of course, since the gate was only four feet wide or so, he couldn't bring the rail in boardside. He found that out when he got a few terrifiic jolts, but he wouldn't give up.

    Could anyone explain the highlighted words?

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    Re: rail in boardside

    The dog could lift the rail clear off the ground means that he was strong enough to lift the rail so that no part of it was touching the ground.

    He couldn't bring the rail in broadside means that he couldn't fit the length of the rail through the 4' wide gate opening.

    All the best.

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