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    Must and Have to

    Hi teacher, could you help me? I want to understand the difference between 'must' and 'have to'.

    Thank you

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    Re: Must and Have to

    Welcome to the forum, Faemper.
    It's too broad a question. It would take too long to give all the details. If you gave some context, it'd be easier.
    Basically, must expresses your own conscientious duty and have to - the duty caused by some circumstances. In some contexts it means the person is reluctant to do sth.
    I must go now. = I think it's right to go now.
    I have to go now. = I'd like to stay a little more, but I can't be late for work.


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    Re: Must and Have to

    Some people make the distinction as Humble pointed out, and some people use them interchangeably (that is, no matter what the circumstances). I believe "must" has a more formal connotation, at least in Texas, because people have a tendency to shorten "have to" to "hafta" when speaking, which is natural but not proper English.

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    Sorry, I have missunderstood it when Mr. Humble said: "I must go now = I think it's right to go now". To me, it sounds more like "I should go now". Please, correct me, if I wrong.

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    Re: Must and Have to

    The distinction he's making is between the source of the obligation.

    I must go- I am imposing the obligation
    I have to go- The obligation is external (work)


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