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    do these comments sound natural and professional?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help, Teacher!
    'We read interestingly this case report in unique title.
    But, when clinical course was reviewed carefully, like below it is presumed.
    At the time of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, did you detect the gallstone? At the time of the first operation in this case, the possibility of leaving the gallstone in the residual cystic duct is high. The inflammation which happens around this gallstone spread to the gallbladder fossa and the abscess had occurred. It recovered with treatment, but the gallstone had remained in cystic duct. Then this stone fell into the bile duct and became the common bile duct stone. We agree with your speculation on the reason of cystic duct perforation.
    So, we considered this condition on this case is only simple complication resulted from residual stone in residual cystic duct.
    And we concluded this is not special condition which should be reported by the special expression as "A Phantom Gallbladder."
    Additionally there are a few previous reports using a phrase of "phantom gallbladder," but these are using this phrase in the other meanings. '

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    Re: do these comments sound natural and professional?

    It sounds professional, in that your word choices and sentence constructions are correct and appropriate grammatically speaking, but it does not quite sound like a natural English speaker.

    For example, in this sentence...
    "We read interestingly this case report in unique title."
    the adverb "interestingly" seems to modify "read", so that it sounds like you are saying it was interesting that you read it, not that it was an interesting report.
    Perhaps you were looking more for something like: "We read an interesting case report with a unique title." I don't know if this is the exact meaning you want, but it sounds more natural.

    And in some phrases you need to add the word "a" to sound more natural:
    "is only simple complication" --> "is only a simple complication"
    "is not special condition" --> "is not a special condition"

    Also, "resulted" should be either "resulting" or "that resulted" in that sentence.

    These are things that will just get better with more practice. Good luck!


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