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    Hi! Re. dates in English

    Dear Teachers,
    I beg you pardon for my question but it is about the ways of writing the dates in English. I am sure you've dwelled on the topic a lot, but I have been searching the Inet, and cannot find any reliable source.
    So, my question is:
    Is it wrong to write "it happened on 5th of August"? In other words, is the definite article necessary before "5th of August"?
    Would appreciate a link that could help to work it out.
    Thank you for your help and for this wonderful web-site!

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    Re: Hi! Re. dates in English

    There is no absolute rule for writing dates - feel free to use the one you like best!

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    Re: Hi! Re. dates in English

    Thank you for the relief )))
    But, being not native speakers, we sometimes have to defend our point of view on how to say /write it in English correctly. I am afraid, if one day, when trying to substantiate my choice of the word / the way to write dates, I will simply say that it is up to me and no rules exist, well, people (not natives !!!) will laugh... sorry for being obnoxious Anyway, if there are no rules, then what are the most common ways to write dates in official documents or letters?
    Thank you very much

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    Re: Hi! Re. dates in English

    In a contract, it must be very specific: 21st of February 2007

    In a formal letter (UK) 21[st] Feb. 2007 (US) Feb 21[st], 2007

    Frankly, as long as it is clear which day/month/year is being cited, no-one will laugh about the way you present it. The only thing I would say is don't use "the" unless you are referring to the date within the text of a letter or document, and need to be precise.

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