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    Post Flesch-Lincaid grading

    I would like to understand the scores I get on my chaperts. I get from 82 to 90 on the ease. The grade is usually around 4. What can you do to bring your scores up and which one is most important.

    I have many questions about my book. I am dealing with an American woman in Paris. I would like a spot I could search for french words easier than Babel Fish and some others.

    The main character in the book has amnesia. I would like to get some phrasing coming from a doctor trying to help her.

    Also need to know if France has dog kennels and if so what they are called and do you need a license to work in one.

    I don't have any idea if I am doing the right thing here. Allie

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    Re: Flesch-Lincaid grading

    In order to improve your Flesch-Kincaid scores, I recommend learning more about the scoring system.
    Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Readability formulas

    As far as a better website than Babel Fish goes, I would suggest, my favorite multilingual website! It has discussion boards, some slang/phrases, and a quick dictionary.

    Amnesia-I googled Amnesia treatment.
    amnesia treatment - Google Search

    French dog kennels...what job are you talking about? I don't think you need one to be a groomer.

    Hope this helps!:)

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    Re: Flesch-Lincaid grading

    The character has just come from a hospital and needs a job. A friend, she met there, offered her a job at her kennels. Of course, being a fictional Novel, I don't know if France has dog kennels. She would do most chores, as bathing, feeding, everything except grooming. Thanks for the answer, Rancher

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