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    Question Meaning of an expression

    I searched a dictionary for the expression "business as usual" to try to fit the meaning in the context of this sentence: " Here it is business as usual"
    this sentence was in an email I got from a friend .

    What does this expression mean in an email from a friend?


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    Re: Meaning of an expression

    Nothing has changed, we are doing what we always do.

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    Wink Re: Meaning of an expression

    Thank you so much !!! so I guess that the person meant that things are the same, still working as always and doing the same things?
    I also saw in the dictionary that people use this expression when they mean that things continue as before and this meaning said that it is used after a bad thing that had happened.I already checked the origin of the expression.

    Depending on the meaning of the context can this wxpression be used to mean that despite of what happened things continue the asme as it was before after womething bad happened between two people?


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