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    Cool Concept Questions

    Hi I am learning about concept Questions to ask Students to identify if they understand the meaning of a word such as

    Model Sentences
    He should've gone home.

    He should stop smoking

    John hates coffee

    I have to give the students a clear concept (i.e meaning) of the new language item. I have to ensure to check the students' understanding of the concept. Otherwise I have no clear idea of how successful the presentation of the word has been.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how best I can put this into practice, i.e. understand it myself to ask the correct questions to test their understanding.

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    Re: Concept Questions

    He should stop smoking:

    Does he smoke?
    Is it a good idea for him to stop smoking?
    Is he obliged to stop?
    That way, you establish that he is a smoker, he is not compelled to stop, but stopping would be advisable.

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