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    Visual aids

    Dear Teachers,
    Thank you for your answers to my questions.
    In our country, we teachers are asked to use visual aids to present the lessons. The " basic visual aids " we have are casstte recorders and tapes and pictures ( enlarged the ones in the textbooks ). But those are not enough. We are asked to use over head projecters and powerpoint ( a computer connected to a tv set ), but unfortunately, what we show on the screen by ohp are not clear enough to read and the TV 's in most schools are 21- inch ones. If we don't use php or pc+tv , our " teaching periods" ( attended by specialists ) are not considered " good " ones. Of course, visual aids are important , but, I think, the English of the teachers are more important. At the beginning of the school year, we try to use English to explain the lessons, but some parents come to the school and complain to the principal, " Our children don't understand if their teachers speak English" (!). So we stop speaking English !.
    You have said that your class has 25 students and they are divided into 2 or three groups. Please tell me more about the activirties in your class . By the way, I wish you a happy lunar year!

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    Re: Visual aids

    I agree with you that the teacher is more important than whether certain visual aids are used- it all depends on how they are used.

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