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    need you help with corrections

    The day I lost my love
    I was an outgoing spry sixteen year old beautiful ambitious young lady with a lot on the ball. That, my mother Zelma Young a caramel skinned beautiful intelligent women who worked at USF&G and Marriott in Baltimore, Md. at the Mt Washington Conference Center as the Head Administrative Secretary decided it was time for me to get a job. She had a friend that worked with her, who was willing to give me my first job as a part-time waitress after school and weekends. I didnít even need an interview for the position. I was hired on my motherís word. My first day at work I trained with a pretty young lady by the name of Serita Johnson who was in her late 20ís , small in stature, curly haired, attractive brown skinned women she was the head waitress for the T&D Conference Center dinning room where I was sent to work. She taught me how to fold napkins, wait tables, carry trays, fill salt and pepper shakers as well as take drink orders.

    One day Seretia and I were setting tables for dinner in the T& D conference room, when all of the this sudden this very handsome ,virile medium built gentleman in all white cooks uniform comeís into the room. I looked up it was love at first sight I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He said hello to Serita, she replied hello Kenny then he asked her, who I was. She introduced us Kenny Vinney this is our new waitress Nikki Wilson, she will be working part-time here as one our new wait staff. My mouth just stayed open as he left the room saying good-bye nice meeting. I hope to see you around Nikki. As he left I said I hope to see you to. I said to Serita that is my future husband she laughed and said heís nice guy but be careful.

    After meeting Kenny Vinney, all I wanted to do was to go to work and see him. I would go to school, and day dream about him the way he would walk by me when I would go to the main kitchen to get refills of milk and butter. He would smile at me and I would just chuckles he would say hi I would just blush and feel my cheeks turn red, this went on for months. Each day on my notebook I would just write Nikki loves Kenny, Kenny loves Nikki. It was a cold day in December when I was working in T&D, all alone when Kenny walks in the room and sayís hello Nikki I say Hello back. I was so elated that he spoke to me, he said, Nikki has any one ever told you your eyes are beautiful. I said thank you. Then he asked me if I would like to go to the movies with him. I said yes. He said how about Saturday he gave me his number and I told him I would call him. I had to ask my mother first.

    I was so excited I ran all the way home .I Asked my mother if it was ok that I go to the movies on Saturday she said yes, she ask who I was going with, I said a guy name Kenny she asked how old he was I lied and said he was 17, I knew if I was to tell him his real age which was 22yrs old she would have said no. She said I needed to be home by 10:00pm my curfew. Finally Saturday came he called me to tell me to look out for him. He would be in a taxi cab ready to pick me up @ 7:00pm.I was so nervous my hands shaking, as I was finished getting dressed the horn beeps, I run to kiss my mother good-bye to avoid her asking could she meet Kenny. He has the cab door ajared for me, I felt like a princess and he my prince.

    I get in the taxi cab , he then closes the door giveís the taxi cab driver the direction to the movie theater were we were going .as he proceeded to put my hand in his ever so gently . I felt goose bumps all down the small of my back. We made it to the Harbor Theater, where he purchases two tickets to see the movie Burglar with Whoppie Goldberg, he walks over to me with a rose that he bought when purchasing the tickets. I Till to this day have no Idea what the movie was about. The movie was over Kenny escorted me out of the movie theater to flagged down a taxi cab .To get me home before my curfew not before giving me a kiss on the cheek and saying he canít wait for our next date.
    We continued to have plenty of Saturday dates that ended with the kiss on the cheek, roses, candy and plenty of cards exclaiming his love for me. One snowy week day schools were closed. Kenny called me would you like to over to my house, I told him yes he said he would pay for the taxi as soon as I got there.
    I called a taxi and was fast on my way to his house I was so anxious to see him because it was like I could not breathe or eat without him. The taxi cab dropped me off at his door; I rang the bell he answered. Gave me a kiss on the cheek and to older persons were seating on the couch, he said meet my parents Mr. and Mrs. Vinney. They both said hi, and I said hi back a bit of small talk between us as they both said it was very nice to meet you Nikki. His dad Mr. Vinney said Kenny we will leave you alone with your company now. You donít need us old folk around. Kenny grabbed my hand and escorted me to the basement where he lived; it was dark all I saw was a red light reflecting from the ceiling. I asked him would he turn on the light instead he turned on the TV. All of the sudden I felt him reach in my shirt and try to unfasten my bra I told him I didnít feel comfortable with that .so we continued to kiss and hug and the next thing I knew we were getting hot and heavy in the blink of and eye I had no clothes on nor did Kenny , Next thing I knew he was on top of me and I was silently crying , as Kenny speed my limbs apart as he penetrated me all I could do was cry , he said he loved me the whole time all I could think about is how dirty I felt after he was finished he help me put my cloths on called me a taxi cab to get t me back home . I was so ashamed that when I got home I was glad no one was there to greet me. I went to the bathroom to bath for about an hour. The next day I went to work and Kenny greeted me and asked me how I felt I lied and said I was alright. The dates continued, one day I woke up and became violently ill. When I went to work I told Kenny that I needed to speak to him. He said what wrong I told him I had been sick for the last couple of days, he said do you think that you are pregnant, I said what is that do you think your having a baby, what do you mean, he said we have to see, just skip school and meet me here tomorrow so we can go to the clinic. So thatís what we did, the nurse said are you here for a pregnancy test we both said yes. I will give you this wet wipe and this cup and will need urine sample, and will give you the results in an hour, after giving her the sample the hour seem to take forever she said it positive you are pregnant. All I could do was cry. I said how I am going to tall my mother Kenny he said I will go with you.
    I dreaded to tell her. We get to the house, set my mother down and told her the news, and she says what you are going to do. we both said we donít know, she said I know what your going to do your going to do, have an abortion and Kenny you will pay for it .I will make the appointment she replied and you will go with her. The day came Kenny gave me the money and paid for a taxi cab he said he could not make it and sent me on my way. I was so scared as soon as I got out of the taxicab all of these people were out side of the building, in front of the door picketing, with signs that read pro life pro, choose life, donít kill. I went to the door a young lady in a nurses uniform asked me did I have an appointment. I exclaimed yes in a scared voice fill out your contact information on this form incase of emergency, then after filling out the form. She leads me into this small white room with a sink, with this huge gray thing that looked terrifying. I then see this man of Indian descent who says I need you to undress from the waste down you will feel a little discomfort and here the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I lay on the table crying in pain just trying to tune out the traumatizing noise the gray thing was making. The next thing it was over the same nurse was giving me a white envelope filled with a 14 day prescription for pain killers with the directions on how to take the medication..
    I went home feeling so hurt, no one was there not even my mother to console me in my time of need not even, Kenny a man who said he loved me and would never hurt me, it was the saddest day of my life, that was the day I lost my innocents my baby my choices, and the love for a man that I thought I loved and thought loved me.

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    Re: need you help with corrections

    Almeda Wilson,
    I regret that your post is entirely too long for anyone to want to correct it in one sitting (as evidenced by comparing the number of times it's been read and the number of replies). I myself was initially interested in helping, but it would take too long. Sorry.

    I offer this post as an explanation to the writer.

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