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    Hi! Well..I'd like to ask you what "ether-cone" means.
    Is an instrument to help people to breath?
    The context is the following (It has been told about a woman who dies on a table)

    One, who held the ether-cone, remembers
    Her dark blue frightened eyes.
    He heard the sharp breath quiver, and saw her breast
    More hurriedly fall and rise.

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    Re: Ether-cone

    Many years ago, before we had such things as sodium pentothal and nitrous oxide, ether was a common anesthetic used to put patients to sleep before surgery. An ether cone was placed over the face of the patient - it looked something like a funnel, and had an opening at one end that had a sponge-type device inside. Ether was poured into that opening, and the sponge absorbed it. The patient breathed it, and slowly went to sleep while his or her body became numb.


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