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    Unhappy Synechdoche and Irony

    My homework was to come up with 3 different examples of sydnechdoche, metaphor, metonymy and irony. I am having the most trouble with sydnechdoche and irony.

    I understand what synechdoche is but difficult to come up with an original example of synechdoche all there ever is is "All hands on the deck!" and "All eyes on the money" I can't seem to find anything different.

    Irony on the otherhand is just simply confusing.
    Dictionaries define it as: Use of words conveying a meaning opposite to its literal meaning.
    Ok. Thats easy enough to understand but some literacy sites i've been to argue against that and say irony is not that simple and gives examples of stories and occurences that is classified as irony and ironic.
    Homework is due on Sunday.(Strange i know but its not my normal school, its like an English tutor place..not under my will. I was forced by parents.)
    Today is Friday so i have tomorow to figure this out or I am dead.

    I need examples of synechdoche and irony desperately.

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    Re: Synechdoche and Irony

    Welcome, FuzzzyLlama.

    Take a look here: There are loads of examples.

    Please note, we do not do assigments.


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