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The following part is from a reading passage and multiple choice (As suggested by Casiopea I am not giving you the key. If you don't think this is a good idea I'll send the key to you immediately):

Presidnt Ronald Reagan, in his statement to the conference, reflected a somber but hopeful view. Noting the magnitude of the effort necessary, the President remarked, " That's why this conference is so encouraging and so important--- it presents an excelletn opportunity for the nations of the world to build cooperation and plan effective strategies and tactics. It won't be easy. The alternative, however, is the continued internal decay of our societies."

According to the passage President Reagan_____.

a. suggested that if drug abuse is not curbed, world civilization wil degenerate
b. said that the conference was encouraging and important because international cooperation is necessary

What I type is the only paragraph that President Reagan is mentioned.

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