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    Exclamation i need your help

    i want to develop my speaking skills.i understand every spoken word said in the class but the problem is that i can not participate with my colleagues although i know the answer or what it should to be if you have any advice on this subject i will be grateful.


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    Re: i need your help

    Firstly, you have to try to identify the reason for this. Often students feel shy about speaking because they are scared of making mistakes, which is a wrong approach. It doesn't matter of you make mistakes as long as you get your message across. Is the class dominated by a few speakers or do a lot of people speak? If it's just a few, then try to break in. Be an animated listening- nod you head, make agreeing or disagreeing sounds, then start to participate. Speaking can be a bit like getting into a cold swimming pool- you have to take the plunge at some stage and once you do, you'll find that it's fine.


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