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Thread: help!

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    i need to analyze any

    [newspaper/magazine article, or excerpt from a book ( at least 2pages long)]

    by showing where the intended meaning is different or more complex than the literal meaning and how the writer achieved that effect...

    (by using [context-dependence, speech acts, implicatures] .. )

    do you have any suggestions what texts are good for this ...?
    any texts with many (and easy to analyze) context-dependence, speech acts, implicatures ..

    plz help > <!!

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    Re: help!

    How about something like William Golding's Lord of the Flies, where you have a literal story about boys on an island, with fairly obvious symbolism underlying it. Actually, most of his works would work- The Spire would be another good one- it's about buidling an over-ambitious church on ground that cannot support the weight, with the lead figure feeling a demon on his back, which is actually cancer.

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    Re: help!

    thanks a lot !!


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