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Please read the below short talks. If you found any mistakes, awkward expressions or sentences which doens't seem to match this context, please revise them.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the all faculty of Santa Barbara City College, we warmly welcome you as prospective students. In this orientation I want you to remember that attending classes and doing your assignments are the most important thing. It does not mean that you should always study without any relaxation and amusements. But I should say that studying is absolutely prior to any other things.

Q. What does the man wants the students remember?
A. Stay in school even during vacation.
B. Don't play but study hard.
C. Put your schoolwork first.
D. Relax at all times.

In this first lecture, I'm going to give you the exact meaning of anthropology. Anthropology is the comparative study of human societies and cultures. More specifically, it is the study of human differences, cultural and biological, in the context of human nature. Anthropologists identify and compare behavior of a particular group against the full range of human behavior.