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    what is the meaning of "thrwing rice" in a wedding?

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    Re: saeed437

    In some cultures, people throw rice, just as others throw confetti, at the couple after the wedding has finished.

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    Re: saeed437

    It doesn't have a meaning these days. It's just a custom.

    Additionally, from Enduring Wedding Traditions. . . Customs and Their Origins:

    "To the ancient Assyrians, Hebrews, and Egyptians, rice symbolized fruitfulness, so it was "a natural" to be thrown at the new couple, after weddings, as a symbol of good wishes. The origin of throwing confetti over the newlyweds goes back to the Pagan rite of showering the couple with grain, as a symbol of fruitfulness. Pagans held the simple belief that the fertility of the seeds would be transferred to the couple. The symbolism of throwing rice holds same symbolic meaning. Beginning in the Middle Ages, rice became a symbol of fruitfulness amongst many early peoples. The tradition of throwing of rice may also have been a way to ward off evil spirits that hung around near the bride and groom. It may also have its origins in the "food tossing ritual," discussed elsewhere in this article." Read more here...


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