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    Talking conditional sentence

    hello teacher iam very please to write to you thisy first letter
    iam sorry to tell you that itis diffecult to know how to send a thread by e; mail iwould like to appreciate your efforts in teaching english .
    my question is from alanguagistic theory what is the relation between the perfect and the conditional sentence.
    my regards to you
    sudan -africa

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    Re: conditional sentence

    Welcome, ibrahim-prof.

    The similarity is this. They both emphasize a relationship between two events.

    With conditionals, the occurrence of one event, for example, depends on the other event happening.

    Conditional: We'll go to the park if it doesn't rain.
    Event#1: It doesn't rain
    Event#2: We'll go to the park

    With the perfect aspect, one event occurs before another in time.

    Perfect: We had eaten before you arrived.
    Event#1: We had eaten
    Event#2: you arrived

    Hope that helps.

    All the best.

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