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    here you go...

    I am confused a little with this phrase.
    I heard it in a conversation when a man bought something at a buffet desk:

    - I'll take coke and popcorn...
    - Here you go... 4.50 please

    The seller says it when the order is ready and the customer can go?
    But he has not take a many yet!

    I feel it is some idiom. Can you explain when the phrase is usable?

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    Re: here you go...

    Hi alrod,
    Here you go is an idom which express: "Here it is- here is your popcorn"

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    Re: here you go...

    Thank you,

    Can you give an example where I can say "Here I go" (they, it etc.)

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    Re: here you go...

    [-x Here I go doesn't have any meaning. But after hand in sth to sb, you can say "Here you go"


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