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    Thumbs up ESL qualifications

    Hello out there!
    I am studying a Bachelor of Primary teaching and am looking at teaching English Overseas when i finish (in 2 years). I have completed a CELTA course and would like some ideas for further study. There seem to be so many courses to choose from and some of them seem to be similar to CELTA. Would doing a TESOL course be of benefit? If so which one?

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    Re: ESL qualifications

    It depends a bit on your reasons for doing it. If it's general interest or to bloat out your CV, then possibly, but aren't you running the risk of just repeating things? For professional development, I'd go for a course that's noticeably higher in level like the DELTA or something more specialised that you might be able to use like educational technology. Do you have any teaching experience?

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    Re: ESL qualifications

    I agree with Tdol. If you already have a CELTA under your belt you certainly don’t need another Certificate. In most places the basic requirements for entry level teaching positions are a degree plus a TESL/TEFL certificate - not necessarily a CELTA, though CELTA is a good Cert to have.

    Of course, the more you have to offer in terms of qualifications and experience, the better your chances of landing a well paid job with opportunities for advancement. However uunless your intention is to remain within the ESL industry and build a career for yourself in this field then your BA and CELTA should be sufficient to secure a decent job abroad.

    If, on the contrary, you want to further your studies then you could consider moving into CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) or look at MA programs in TESOL.

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