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    used to +infinitive

    I would like to know what tasks can I do with upper-intermediate students on "used to +infinitive" and "get used to+noun -ing". I'm looking for some very interesting games, quizes, tasks.
    Please help me.

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    Re: used to +infinitive

    Welcome, EWADIANA.

    What about?

    Either you can do this as preparation for the lesson or you can have your students do this a class ahead of time.

    Find out what your favourite movie stars, singers, famous person, and so on, used to do before they were famous, and also find out about what they are used to, today, in their everyday life. If that's too difficult to do, you could have the students make up the information. It would be interesting and fun. For example,

    Mr famous guy X
    Before he was famous he used to be a waiter. He used to live in a small apartment with no heat, and he used to be married.

    Today Mr famous guy enjoys a different life. He is used to having his meals brought to him. He is used to living in a mansion.

    All the best.

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