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    I have the following question:

    While hearing a witness in the criminal proceedings, the investigator asks the following question:

    To whom were asked the money?

    Does it mean: "For whom was the money required?" or "Who was asked to provide the money?"

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: meaning

    To be honest, it really makes no sense! Both of your suggestions are good of themselves, but don't really relate to the quoted sentence. Can you give the bit before and after ?

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    Re: meaning

    It is one of the questions to be asked to a witness regarding an offence called "trafficking in influence". The thing is that person XXX wanted her friend to be released from prison. So she asked some persons who had the possibility to influence the judge and they required certain some of money for this.

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    Re: meaning

    My guess is that it meant to say "From whom was the money acquired"

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