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    I have the following question:

    Costs of the company, including man-hour costs related to such investigations initiated by the customer, shall be covered by the customer. ("such investigations" = investigations of deficiencies of a computer program)

    Could "initiated by the customer" mean, that the deficiencies are attributable to the customer? E.g. that the customer used the program contrary to the user manual?

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: initiate

    According to your sentence, only the investigations were initiated by the customer, not the events that caused the investigation. This may not be the intended meaning of the writer of the sentence (I suspect it isn't).

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    Re: initiate

    Yes, you are right. But in this case it would make sense, because the deficiencies not attributable to the customer are corrected free of charge by the company providing the program. So I thought that this must be something the customer is responsible for.

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