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Thread: US power

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    US power

    Dear friends:

    "When it comes to what might be called the "philosophy" of foreign policy -- the relationship of U.S. power and policy to broader historical and cultural trends -- no statesman of Brzezinski's generation is in his league."

    “Power” in many cases can mean an important country. In the above case, does it mean US as a country, or the power of US (economic, military, etc. power)? Can one say “US power and its policy”, in which US Power can only mean a country ?


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    Re: US power

    Hello Ian

    Here it means "economic/military/etc. power".

    When "power" means "important country", it's always countable, e.g.

    1. Brazil has emerged as a dominant power in the southern hemisphere.
    2. There is considerable debate as to which nations constitute the great powers of the world.

    All the best,


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