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    grammar help please

    need help. can someone tell me if these phrases are correct. and the last one can someone explain to me how it's punctuated and more importantly why it's that way.

    1."I'm telling you ( comma?) we're going to get caught." (I think no comma, right? but if i'm wrong could you explain to me why.)

    2."Get over here, hurry! We have to stop them."(Is this one punctuated correctly? ) or would it be.

    2.A. "Get over here. Hurry! We have to stop them."

    ok the last one is a action line. and if it's punctuated wrong please explain to me the correct way and why . thanks.

    3.It sails over her head and hits Charles hard in the chest (,) without her noticing. ( I 'm very unsure if there goes a comma there or not, but i feel one goes there for some reason or another. please help my punctuate that phrase.) thanks.

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    Re: grammar help please

    Oh my goodness!! I wrote a long answer to your questions, but have somehow lost it!

    1. no comma

    2. both are reasonable, but 2a is my choice

    3. no comma

    If you can work out how to send me a message, Market, I'll re-explain for you. I am v. v. v. new to all this -- the Internet bit, not the grammar bit

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