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    Smile Hello

    I am ESL student and I would like to know more about "no sooner"
    as like rules or how to use it.

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    Re: Hello

    hardly, scarcely and no sooner
    These three expressions can be used (often with a past perfect tense) to suggest that one thing happened very soon after another. Note the sentence structure:
    ,,,no sooner...than...
    I had hardly/scarcely closed my eyes when the phone rang.
    She was hardly/scarcely inside the house before the kids started screaming.
    I had no sooner closed the door than somebody knocked.
    We no sooner sat down in the train than I felt sick.
    In a formal or literary style, these structures are sometimes used with inverted word order.
    Hardly had I closed my eyes when I began to imagine the most fantastic shapes.
    No sooner had she agreed to marry him than she started to have terrible doubts.
    No sooner did Steve start going out with Tracy than she fell in love with Jasper.


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