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Thread: Safe My Soul

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    Safe My Soul

    God Day Sir.

    Please, can somebody tell me what i fail to do right?. I am a Nigeria and i wrote the last West African Examination Concil (private) Examination-WAEC.

    unfortunatly, i had D7 in English Language while i had other seven subjects in credit.This is the second time i will haveP7 or D7., which is the same grade.

    Please, kindly advice me how to go about this subject so that i can have credit in this subject.This is important because i needit to further my studies.

    Indeed, i need a help to pass this subject.PLEASE,SAVE MY SOUL!

    Yours sincerely,

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    Re: Safe My Soul


    It should be 'save my soul', by the way.

    Anyway send me an email, if you want any help.

    [email protected]


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    Re: Safe My Soul

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