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    Lightbulb Double Negative

    I have looked through sooo many books and all over the internet to see if there is a word to describe a double negative. I was complaining loudly on a bus the other day and a man told me that the word was 'Litotes', however this is a slightly different definition.
    Do you know if there is a single word to describe a double negative, and if there is, what is it?!

    Many many thanks

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    Re: Double Negative

    Hello Unreg

    "Double negative" describes the phenomenon; "litotes" describes a particular rhetorical use of the phenomenon, whereby the speaker affirms X by denying X's negation, e.g.

    1. He was not unhappy.
    2. The attempt was not unsuccessful.
    3. I will in no way deny that negation.

    Other members may have other thoughts, though, so keep watching!

    All the best,


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