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    Exclamation i need a third reason, and is this a good opening paragraph about Latin in HS

    Tommy just graduated from high school. Tommy got a job as a literature teacher; he now has to pay close to five hundred dollars so he can take classes on Latin. The quality of education in America is a topic of great national interest. Many educators feel that we teach some content that is no longer relevant. They argue that young people growing up in the Age of Information should be taught new content in order for them to be successful in today’s society. However my personal opinion on the matter that is at hand, is that Latin should be taught in schools every where. Latin is already taught in some schools in America and around the world, but to teach Latin to every student. The possibilities would be endless for the youth of our society. Some of the reasons for which Latin should be taught are: Latin will greatly enhance the understanding of the English language, Latin would help the student in spelling,

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    Re: i need a third reason, and is this a good opening paragraph about Latin in HS

    Latin will also allow some understanding of Romance languages, which come from it.

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