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Thread: The newcomer

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    The newcomer

    I am learning English by myself and my question is : What is the difference between " I don't know" and " I have no idea". And how should I use them ? Thank you very much.

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    Re: The newcomer

    "I don't know" is used when you don't have the answer for the question.
    "I have no idea" is a response to an suggestation.

    A: Where is Mary?
    B: I don't know (You don't know where Mary is)

    A: Let's go shopping. Do you agree with me, B?
    B: I have no idea.
    A: And you, C?
    C: I like to go movie better.

    If sth's wrong, plz correct it. Thanks.

    Sorry about my poor explaination. And now using Vietnamese.
    "I don't know": Toi khong biet cau tra loi.
    "I have no idea": Toi khong co y kien.

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    Re: The newcomer

    I have no idea is stronger and more emphatic than I don't know.

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