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    Wink wilderness of mirrors

    (1) What does the phrase "wilderness of mirrors" mean? (2) When one says "I can't take it anymore. I refuse to put up with these pot luck put-me- downs", what do the phrases "Pot luck" and "put-me-downs" mean?

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    Re: wilderness of mirrors

    1: Here's an interpretation: "Wilderness of mirrors" is a phrase from T.S.Eliot's "Gerontion", and was also applied by former CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton to describe the world of espionage-hence the twist on "Double Agent," reflecting the clandestine workings of dreams and the subconcious. Disinformation or intelligence? Let the mirror decide.

    2: Pot luck - usually used for a meal to which each person brings a contribution.

    Put me down usually "put-down" = A dismissal or rejection, especially in the form of a critical or slighting remark:

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