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    Elizabethan cleavage

    Please kindly help me with the following passage. I could not figure out what it means.

    Print ads for Parasuco showed women’s rears peeking over the tops of the jeans like Elizabethan cleavage. Committing a faux pas once made only by pudgy plumbers as they bent over their toolboxes, young women all over the world were baring butt crack in early 2001.

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    Re: Elizabethan cleavage

    Google Image Result for

    Parasuco jeans were cut so low in the waist that young women looked this way when wearing them

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    Re: Elizabethan cleavage

    ... and the Elizabethan cleavage refers to a very tight piece of clothing, with the supposedly hidden body-part made to bulge out. It refers not so much to Elizabeth I herself (who was generally pretty well covered) as to fashionable women of her time. (I'd Google a picture of one, if my history was any good - but I can't name any! Perhaps someone else will.)


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    Re: Elizabethan cleavage

    It's really the court of James I that took to this form of display! So technically it's Jacobean.


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