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    is looks always plural

    his looks is good
    his looks are good

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    Re: lokos

    Well, "look" can be used as a verb or a noun. But even as a noun it is always singular. At least I can't think of an use as a plural.

    You use the "s" only when it is a verb and when you refer to "he", "she" or "it".

    He looks good.
    He has a dirty look.

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    Re: lokos

    In relation to someone's appearance, it is always plural:

    plural noun
    sb's looks a person's appearance, especially how attractive they are:

    I like her looks.
    Her looks improved as she grew older.
    He put on weight and started to lose his looks.

    "He has a dirty look" is more indicative of his cleanliness than his appearance.


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