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    is it glance at or to

    like i'm not sure if it doesn't matter or not or if one means something else.
    He glances at......

    compared to.

    He glances to.....

    is one used for possesion. and the other from people. i'm just confused. please help.

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    Re: is it glance at or to

    Glance has two meanings:
    verb 1 take a brief or hurried look. 2 strike at an angle and bounce off obliquely.

    In the first : He glanced at the pretty girl - "glance" always takes "at"

    In the second : The ball glanced off the roof - here "glance" always takes "off"

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    Re: is it glance at or to


    To is often used in a directional sense -
    He glanced to the right.
    He looked to the left.

    At is often used for objects -
    He glanced at the sign.
    He looked at it.

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