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    latch on/back-crack/booty check

    Could you please help me with the parts in brackets: 

    1. [Levi’s latched on toward the tail end of the trend,] producing its line of Superlows, which eventually spawned Too Superlow jeans and then Dangerously Low jeans for women and men.

    2. [Grown-ups, who weren’t at all taken with the back-crack trend,] expressed their confusion. After students at Milwaukee’s South Division High School wearing the extremely low jeans, School staffers found themselves in an odd dress-code position. [“With all the training I’ve had, and all the experience, I never thought I’d have to do booty checks”] said principle Don Krueger.

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    Re: latch on/back-crack/booty check

    Latch on- get the point, understand what something is worth- they were late in adopting the fashion and started doiing it when it was going out of fashion
    Back-crack- this is the line between the buttocks, so it refers to the fashion for clothers cut so low that part of the bottom is visible.
    Booty check- booty = bottom, so I presume it means checking that clothes did not display too much

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