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  1. matilda

    267- meaning of this sentence

    Hello all

    Would you please explain the meaning of this sentence for me?

    Mr. Anderson pulled the plug on his US Tv series Faceless because he feared he could not play a hardcore criminal without swearing and turning violent.

    I got this paragraph from an article about the movie ( faceless )

    Thanks a million


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    Re: 267- meaning of this sentence

    'pulled the plug on' - removed his backing (probably financial - he didn't just withdraw, he withdrew some resources from it).

    From the quote it seems that he was worried about the effect the character he was playing would have (either on his real self, or because he just objects to violence/swearing in films - I don't know which).


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    Re: 267- meaning of this sentence

    dore bazi to majmoeye televisionie BI-CHEHRE ro khat keshid chon mitarsid natoone bedoone bad o biraah goftan va khashen shodan naghshe oon jenayatkaare jensio baazi kone

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