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    Can u tell me the difference btw "fine for me", "fine with me" & "fine to me"..are they the same? I used to say "it's fine for me" but my friend said it should be "it's fine with me" & my brother said it should be "it's fine to me". I wonder if they have the same meaning & usage....thanks!

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    Re: Different?

    Hello Seiku, welcome to Using English!

    If MrX says "The meeting will be at 1030 on Monday morning", then MrY might say:

    A) That's fine by me.
    B) That's fine with me.
    C) That's fine for me.
    D) That sounds fine to me.

    A means "I don't have any objection".

    B means "I agree with your decision".

    C means "That's convenient for me".

    D means "I like that idea".

    The difference between A and B, as I see it, is that the speaker in B has some power of approval in the process, whereas the speaker in A doesn't necessarily have such power.

    However, this is the kind of distinction that may vary a little from speaker to speaker; so other members may disagree!

    Have a good weekend,



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