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    Question Building Comprehension SKills

    I'm currently teaching English (ESL) to Class 5 and 6. My students have pretty weak comprehension skills and I need to start building their skills in comprehension.

    Even though my teacher's manual for their main text book does provide some comprehension work, it really isnt sufficient to help develop the appropriate comprehension skills required. The students are able to answer any direct Questions. They can answer any question that asks for an answer that is already stated in the passage. However they are not able to answer any questions that ask them to 'read along the lines' or infer things from the passage read. They are also weak in trying to find meanings for a group of words from a certain given passage.

    Now I have been asked by my co-ordinator to help build up Class 6's comprehension skills. How should I go about this? Should I first provide my students with a short passage with questions based upon that passage and answers to those questions (so they can get an idea of how complex questions based upon comprehension should be answered)? Or should I start from a different approach? Since Im quite new to the teaching business, I really lack creativity and proper approach for ESL students. So I really need some help on this.

    All replies greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Building Comprehension SKills

    Have a look at this site if you want some ideas for comprehension activities: Breaking News English: Free ESL Lesson Plans and Listening

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