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    Smile help with verbs and prepositions

    Hello there!

    I have many doubth about verbs + prepositions, I´m study English in México.
    And we are practicing this issue but I´m not sure who can use it !

    By example:

    Argue about
    remind_ about
    think about
    warn _ About

    I´ll like to know ...some examples that the position of this word in a correct sentences.

    I hope you can help me!

    Thank you
    Adriana Garcia

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    Re: help with verbs and prepositions

    Hello Adriana.

    My children constantly argue about who gets to hold the TV remote. I keep telling them not to argue about the TV remote, but they won't listen to me. I guess they need to argue about something.

    My husband called today to remind me about the school meeting tonight. "Remind me about what?", I said. "I attended the meeting last night." I had to remind my husband about the fact that he was the one who forgot.

    My son Josh hates doing his homework. He stares off into space constantly. "What are you thinking about, Josh?", I often ask. "Nothing", he says. "I'm not thinking about anything, Mom." What do kids think about this days?

    My sons like to make pizza in the toaster oven every Saturday morning when my husband and I are still asleep. I have warned them again and again about the dangers of melting cheese in that small oven, but they refuse to listen. They never seem to think about what could happen if a fire broke out. I can just imagine the day the fire engine shows up at our house to put out the fire and the kids with their "we weren't warned about that" faces.

    All the best.

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