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    Introduction Thread.

    Hi, my name is Mike and I moved to US eight years ago from India. I am married and have two kids. I watch both kids while my wife is at work. Presently I work nights back half of the week for an outsourcing company as Production Control Analyst. Since, I work nights and my job is to monitor batch processing for many different clients. On daily basis, I work on many different scheduling applications such as CA7, Zeke, Advance Job Scheduling and many others. I enjoy my work and on my days off I do real estate.

    Presently my wife is attending Graduate School and her major is MBA in IT Security. I have bachelor degree in Accouting from India and always wanted to have a US degree and here I am.
    My major is BSTM in CIS and I am very excited about this course and hope to complete my degree.

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    Re: Introduction Thread.

    Welcome, Mike.

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