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    "what makes people not like him is his offensive words"

    is this sentence grammatically correct?

    thanks in advance!

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    Exclamation Please check grammar and structure of setence

    This is the 1st programme carried out by a Celcom and Permanis, reload via E-Pay terminals at any petrol marts get free 7UP with RM 30 and above .

    There are over 2048 petrol marts with E-Pay terminal that contributes around RM 165 million recharge per annum,however Celcom only penetrate around 22% of the market share at RM 37 million which means we are under performing in this channel compared to our national market share of 39%

    Maxis and Digi has taken these channel aggressively to ran promotions such as create awareness, excitement with the accounts and reward consumers to increase their sales.


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