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    I'm not sure :(

    I'm not sure with my understanding of these two sentences, and I need someone to correct me, please?


    This step will help you to put information into your brain and to take information out of your brain.

    I understand that the step that he is talking about will give us the ability to keep information in our brain and remember it again when we need it, is that right?

    Nb. 2

    Special shapes or images represent site of interest or particularly interesting ideas.

    Does "interesting ideas" here mean the most important ideas?

    I hope hear from you soon :(

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    Re: I'm not sure :(

    Rather than talking about information coming into and staying in the brain, you might consider this:

    This step will help you to LEARN and to RETAIN the information.

    Some may think this is redundant. Often you know something because you have learned it.

    About step two, "interesting" doesn't mean "mportant."

    What do you want to say? Do the images represent interesting sites or do the images represent the most important sites?


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    Re: I'm not sure :(

    First of all, I really appreciate your reply, and I'm so sorry for my delay. The word that I asked you about it mentioned in the last sentence in this paragraph.

    You can compare a Mind Map to a map of a city. The center of your mind Map is like the center of the city. It represents your most important idea. The main roads leading from the center represent the main thoughts in your thinking process; the secondary roads represent your secondary thoughts, and so on. Special images or shapes can represent sites of interest or particularly interesting ideas.



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