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Thread: So last year

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    So last year

    "Carrying around a wallet full of pictures of the kids or the dog is so last year. Apple's IPod Photo makes it as easy to look at your most beloved pictures on the go as it is to listen to your favorite tunes. But it'll cost you."

    does "so" in " so last year" mean "very"? and what does the whole phrase mean?
    the sentence in italic is strange to me,which structure did the writer use? (comparative?) please explain the structure of the sentence to me,please!

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: So last year

    Yes, it means that it is very much last year's fashion and is out of date today. 'So' is widely used in new ways in current English, so you will hear things like 'I am so not doing that', which would not have been used a few years ago. However, I would avoid these usages in formal language, both written and spoken.

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