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Thread: phrasal verbs

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    phrasal verbs

    I have read rules of phrasal verbs that

    put the noun between verb and preposition as following

    the boy turns light off

    I've got confused once I found it as following

    the boy turns off light

    so, please which one is correct.

    if I say....

    turn on the light is it correct?

    turn the light on is it correct?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: phrasal verbs

    They are both correct, but if you use a pronoun, then it must come before the particle:

    turn the light on
    turn on the light
    turn it on
    turn on it

    With verbs where it is optional to separate with a noun, it is not optional with a pronoun- you must separate with a pronoun.

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    Re: phrasal verbs

    I'd say that both are correct, but not all the time.
    The reason for this is that not all transitive phrasal verbs are separable.There are some transitive "take objects" that can't be separated even if the object is a pronoun.
    4 example: I'll look after the house while you're out.
    I'll look after it while you're out.
    But, I'll look it after while you're out. Incorrect

    I think the way you differentiate between all kinds of phrasal verbs is much easer than learning their meanings by heart.

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